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60 GHz wireless technology.
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what wireless can do.
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networking is finally here.
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what we do

Wilocity is delivering the world's first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets based on the new WiGig 60GHz and IEEE802.11ad standards for super high-speed downloads, docking, networking, and high definition video at over 10x today's typical Wi-Fi transmission rates. Learn more »

Wilocity's first-generation WiGig products enable mobile computing platforms to wirelessly access any PCI Express-supported peripheral or I/O component.

what's new

Wilocity Whitepaper on High Capacity Wireless Deployment.
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Our Wil6100 WiGig chipset was selected as a Wireless/RF finalist for a UBM ACE Award

Wilocity is providing tri-band wireless chipsets for Dell's first WiGig enabled Ultrabook for business, the Latitude 6430u.
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