Wilocity's chipset has been architected to enable future feature development in software and maximize reuse for next generation silicon design. Its system partition enables the most elegant solution between base band function and the RF module: a single coaxial cable that aggregates all signals, including power delivery. These chipsets are designed to support multiple usages from WiGig's Wireless Bus Extension (WBE), creating a wireless instantiation of the PCIe bus, ideal for wireless docking products, to 60 GHz Wi-Fi (station or AP) for unparalleled networking performance and capacity.

Wil6100 chipset
The Wil6100 chipset is the world's first IEEE802.11ad / WiGig compliant, multi-gigabit wireless chipset. It implements WiGig's Wireless Bus Extension (WBE) technology and delivers unprecedented performance, making it ideal for high performance wireless docking solutions.
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Wil6200 chipset
The Wil6200 chipset is Wilocity's second generation multi-gigabit wireless chipset and like its predecessor is compliant with the IEEE802.11ad / WiGig standards and implements the WBE for uncompromised wireless docking. Additionally, the Wil6200 chipset supports 802.11ad IP networking, the core ingredient for next gen tri-band networking clients and Access Points.
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