wilocity products

Wilocity's products are designed for a future in which wireless is the ubiquitous connectivity solution for mobile platforms everywhere and is simply faster and easier than wires – in the office, at home, and on the road. Our 60GHz chipsets and systems provide revolutionary performance and capacity, enabling a tenfold increase in both the density of wireless connections and the performance each one can achieve. They offer manufacturers and their customers the performance and low interference needed to enable a new range of current and future applications and uses—from wireless docking, to home entertainment and the deployment of "super hot spots" that link users to the cloud at multi-gigabit speeds.


Wilocity's chipsets are compliant to the WiGig and 802.11ad specifications
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Wilocity offers firmware and application software to support our 60GHz hardware
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reference design

Wilocity has various reference designs targeted at PC platforms, mobile systems, accessories and docking stations
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